Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Chicago Comic Con: 8/10 and 8/11

I was good this week, which means I was a bad blogger. I know I said that I would post my reflection on Chicago Comic Con up earlier this week (Sunday or Monday) and it is now Wednesday. Which, sadly, means my review is incredibly less detailed than I intended it to be. Also, I missed yet ANOTHER week of Etsy Tuesday, and I am sad about it because I am going to use to it also review my two first Etsy purchases. They make me RIDICULOUSLY happy. 

And speaking of ridiculously happy, I spent two out of three days this weekend at Chicago Comic Con, instead of packing for my move. I was so thrilled to go for the second year in a row that even Chicago's horrible traffic couldn't dampen my excitement. Even the line to get in couldn't bring me down. And things only got better when the first thing I saw after walking through the gates was this:

Star Trek Uniforms

Me (and my Batman dress!) next to the Admiral Janeway uniform. 
One of the things I enjoy the most about Chicago Comic Con is the large number of cosplay groups that come. Here is the set-up for the Chicago Division Ghostbusters group.

My biggest issue at Comic Con (and C2E2 in the Spring) is that I spend too much money. Here is my first purchase: a robot ring. I can't wait to wear it to teach!

On the first day, I saw the Sam Trammell panel and the Star Trek Captains panel (William Shatner, Scott Bakula, and Avery Brooks). Sam Trammell was hilarious, and seemed like a great guy. He shared a lot of interesting stories, most of which featured him naked. Unfortunately, my pictures of the panels suck.

The Star Trek Captains panel was alright. I found the moderator to be obnoxious, and so did the panelists (which provided some amusement). However, Shatner and Bakula seemed content to let Brooks answer most of the questions. While Brooks is very intelligent and impressive when he speaks, it really didn't give us a great behind the scenes look. The biggest issue, though, was the more that Brooks spoke, the more the fans asking questions felt like they needed to phrase things to sound more intelligent--and they often failed. 

For Comic Con, I made an Azula costume. However, many things didn't pan out right (this was my first attempt at cosplay), so my costume ended up being more generic fire nation. My fellow geeks seemed to still enjoy it, though, and I was flattered with the number of pictures I was asked for. 

Though I did have an issue with heat--my hands and my feet swelled up like balloons! I had to change out of my costume halfway through, and it took more than a day for the swelling to go away. You can't really tell in this picture, but my hands were two times their normal size. I didn't realize until I went to pay for an ice cream cone and my sister started laughing hysterically. 

Swollen hands :(
My boyfriend's sister (in a steampunk costume) and me.

On Saturday, I saw the Tom Felton panel and the Kevin Sorbo panel. I found Tom Felton to be surprisingly affable, and enjoyed the panel a lot. A little girl asked him if it was fun to film the scene where he turned into a ferret and he responded, "Yes, but it took me MONTHS to get that down." He also spoke very affectionately to his fans, which is always great to see. Kevin Sorbo was great, as always. I got his autograph, which will go above my desk in my new apartment!

My friend is trying to get the autograph he got for his girlfriend to dry... which led to a very interesting sight.
He ended up having to carry it through the con, which  resulted in a lot of stares. He hammed it up.
I enjoy Chicago Comic Con more than C2E2 because I find that its panels are of better quality, and they have great displays. C2E2 seemed more to me like a shopping trip, where you could also pick up autographs (from people you may or may not want autographs from). I still bought a lot of stuff at Chicago Comic Con, though! Here is a picture of my loot!

Everything I bought, my Girl Gamer shirt front-and-center.

All the art I bought for my new apartment!
To end this article, here are a few great cosplay pictures!

I ignore the girls and look at the Bat and the original Batmobile,

An awesome Captain America cosplay! The shield is made from the roof of a car!

I found Carmen Sandiego. And I also happened to find Waldo.
Gondor Soldier.

Green Arrow!

Doctor Rockso, the Rock and Roll Clown. (He does cocaine.)
Poor Red Shirt. (I got his attention by yelling "Red Shirt!" and my sister  was appalled.)

Finally, this Arkham Asylum Scarcrow is my favorite. I think he was part of the Chicago DC Cosplay group.
If you happen to know any of these cosplayers, let me know so I can properly credit them! I hope you all have a good day! I will be without cable and internet for a little while, so don't expect any updates until the beginning of next week!

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