Sunday, August 12, 2012

DIY: Dry-Erase Calendar

Hi everyone! I'm fresh from this year's Chicago Comic Con, run by Wizard World. I had an excellent time, and once I get all my pictures uploaded (I had to borrow my mother's camera on Friday, which is slowing me down), I will write a post on it! Hopefully it will be done by Monday. If anyone is interested in some of my thoughts, look at my new Twitter (the link is on the profile section of this blog).

For now, please content yourself with this DIY of a paint sample dry-erase calendar. It was a very easy task, done many times. I made it my own, however, by adding a geeky element. I got the idea from this post by The Aesthetic Writer. As you know, I am moving into a new apartment (in five days! Yikes!), and I thought this would be great above my desk. Since I am a student, I need to be organized. Here is the DIY, in several easy steps.

First, go to your local home improvement store and select several paint samples. You can pick one type of color. I picked several hues of my favorite colors: purple, pink, green and blue.

Second, buy a frame. I bought my 20x24 inch frame and Jo-Ann Fabrics.

Third, cut the paint samples into squares. I chose to include enough squares for four weeks--you may want to do five.

Fourth, lay the squares out in the position you want them. I rearranged them several times, and then secured them with double-sided tape.

Fifth, I cut out a rectangle to sit behind the name of the month, and framed it with a larger rectangle. The small rectangle is scrapbook paper, and the larger one is a large paint sample.

Sixth, I cut out some old-fashioned sci-fi ray guns, using scrapbook paper.

Seventh, because I can't resist a touch of girliness, I cut out a couple flowers, stems and leaves to place on the top with the ray guns.

Eighth, I added white label stickers from the office supply aisle at the grocery store to write dates on.

Ninth, I added letter stickers to designate the date of the week (see below).

And here is the final product!

Here's a closer view of the top half.

And, finally, a close-up of my favorite part--the ray gun/flower decorations!

I hope you all had a good weekend so far (mine was hit and miss--I had a great time at Comic Con, but I also had to put my dog to sleep--I'm mostly writing this because I can't bring myself to go to bed). Look for my post on Chicago Comic Con in a day or two. Also, I'm looking to redesign some of this blog--creating a new banner and a watermark for my pictures. Maybe even a background, who knows. Finally, feel free to look me up on my new Twitter page! I love meeting my fellow geeks on the internet (though in real life, I'm the most socially awkward person you'll ever meet).

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