Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I've been working on some crafts lately, and I thought I would share.

The first is a Nightwing felt doll that I made. I have only two pictures--one of some of the pieces and one of the finished product. I'm in the process of making a Khal Drogo felt doll right now, using a different pattern since I wasn't excited about the way it turned out (as you can probably tell, I am explicitly referencing the neck area. Or lack of a neck area.)

I also hope you enjoy that brief glimpse of my TV on DVD collection.

The second project I've finished is a t-shirt alteration. I took a shirt I bought from the boys' section at Target, cut out the neck, replaced the back, and shaped it into a dolman. I was also looking fat here, so I added a belt.
 Here is the t-shirt in it's original form. With it's original sticker(ing?). It looks like a proper boys' t-shirt.
 Here is a side-view, taken to show the new back.
 Here is the front. I need to go back and cut the neck wider, I think.
And here is the t-shirt on a hanger over my door, so you can better see the cut.

And, because I keep bitching about this, here is the new cosbaby figurine I received in the mail today. I spent about $20 on this Nightwing, and was sorely disappointed when I opened the package. Not only it is incredibly small and not really worth the price, but it barely even looks like Nightwing. It looks like Batgirl dressed up like Nightwing--check out the long hair, the breast-like pectorals, and the fact that the bottom of his torso looks like a skirt. I much prefer the Pop! Vinyl figures, like my Thor figure pictured next to Nightwing (to better show the extent of my suffering).

Resistance is Futile

When I first saw this picture online, I thought it was just really awesome fan art.

In reality, it is a picture from a comic cross-over, titled Assimilation^2. Rumor at Huffington Post says that the comic will be released in May and I, personally, cannot wait. The comic features the crew of the Enterprise-D and (obviously) the Doctor and his companions, who are forced to team up when the Borg and the Cybermen collaborate on what is most likely an attempt to assimilate the universe.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sweet Geek Tattoos

Since I'm saving up for my next, Lord of the Rings, tattoo (and waiting for League of Legends to update), I thought I'd spend some time looking at pretty geek tattoos and share some of my favorites with you.

1) Harry Potter Quote
This tattoo is simple and sweet. I simply love it.
2) Nintendo Controller
Old school nintendo controller--this is my childhood!
3) "You're a Kitty!"
This is one of my favorite xkcd comics--mostly because I've discovered that it's very true since I've adopted my cat.

4) Bioshock
I love the subject and I love the quote--Bioshock is probably my favorite video game. In fact, I'm thinking of cosplaying as a splicer for C2E2 in April. And it's a girl's geek tattoo (so is the first one), which makes me happy on the inside.
5) Uhm...
6) Boba Fett
I like this take on the iconic bounty hunter. It's pretty and badass at the same time--and a combination of chibi and classic tattoo styles.
7) Krang
Not really a "pretty geek tattoo" but it made me lol so it's on here with the rest of them!
8) Portal
Short, sweet and to the point--and the artwork on the pictures are pretty cool. I love the shading on the companion cube.
9) Whedon Love
Every good geek girl has got to love Joss Whedon--whether for Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dr. Horrible, or all of the above. And along with my love for Joss, comes my love for this little fella.
Good night, everyone!