Thursday, November 21, 2013

Funko Thursday #1

I'm obsessed with the Funko Vinyl figures. When they first started a few years back I began to buy every one I could get my hands on, and I dreamed of collecting them all. Of course, the Funko Vinyls have exploded since them, with exclusive and limited pieces, and hundreds of normal vinyls. This has made collecting them all completely impossible, but I still follow the brand closely and love seeing the newest pieces and exclusives.

So this is why I've started the Funko Thursday blogs. This is my time to show you what new Vinyls are coming out, and where you can get some of the coolest exclusives I've seen lately. I'll probably do this every two weeks, in order to gather the best intel on a timely basis.

Today, though, enjoy the goodies I've gathered for you!

Legolas (blue-eyed variant) and Cobweb Bilbo are exclusives at Hot Topic. I've heard they're sold out online, but if you're lucky you can still find them in-store.

Brienne and Hodor have been announced as some of the newest characters for the Game of Thrones Vinyl lines. Hodor hodor hodor.

 I have the blood-splattered Daryl figure from Harrison's Comics. Now I want Glenn. You can get him from Men of Action Figures through this link.

Leonardo was my favorite as a kid. I would love the metallic variant that was a SDCC exclusive, but it's a little out of my price range at around $25.00 on Ebay.

The battle-scarred Tyrion HBO store exclusive is pretty great. He's still available, and you can get him here.

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