Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sweet Geek Tattoos

Since I'm saving up for my next, Lord of the Rings, tattoo (and waiting for League of Legends to update), I thought I'd spend some time looking at pretty geek tattoos and share some of my favorites with you.

1) Harry Potter Quote
This tattoo is simple and sweet. I simply love it.
2) Nintendo Controller
Old school nintendo controller--this is my childhood!
3) "You're a Kitty!"
This is one of my favorite xkcd comics--mostly because I've discovered that it's very true since I've adopted my cat.

4) Bioshock
I love the subject and I love the quote--Bioshock is probably my favorite video game. In fact, I'm thinking of cosplaying as a splicer for C2E2 in April. And it's a girl's geek tattoo (so is the first one), which makes me happy on the inside.
5) Uhm...
6) Boba Fett
I like this take on the iconic bounty hunter. It's pretty and badass at the same time--and a combination of chibi and classic tattoo styles.
7) Krang
Not really a "pretty geek tattoo" but it made me lol so it's on here with the rest of them!
8) Portal
Short, sweet and to the point--and the artwork on the pictures are pretty cool. I love the shading on the companion cube.
9) Whedon Love
Every good geek girl has got to love Joss Whedon--whether for Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dr. Horrible, or all of the above. And along with my love for Joss, comes my love for this little fella.
Good night, everyone!

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