Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Review: The Gamer-Girl Collection by Espionage Cosmetics

I'm not the girliest geek out there--I'd admit it. In fact, the only reason that this is a "geek girl" blog is because girls are so ostracized in geekdom. If we weren't a discriminated group, this would just be a "geek" blog. So I was very surprised with my reaction when The Geeky Hostess blogged about Espionage Cosmetics, and my first reaction was "I NEEDS IT."

This is very weird for a girl who, up until this point, had only one shade of eye shadow that was regularly used.

Of course, the products from Espionage Cosmetics are more than just eye shadow. However, I'd need my own fairy godmother to explain to me how to use these as anything but eye shadow. So, for the purpose of this review, it's eye shadow. SUPER FREAKIN' AWESOME EYESHADOW.

Did I give away the end of this review?

It looks like I'm holding it awkwardly because I'm trying to hide the chips in my nail polish. 

After reading the blog entry by The Geeky Hostess, I immediately went to the ThinkGeek website and looked at their offerings of color collections. Instantly, I fell in love with the Gamer-Girl collection ($27.99 USD on ThinkGeek, $28.00 on the Espionage Cosmetics website). This was particularly strange, since I tend to stick to neutrals, but how can you say no to colors named Epic, Nerd Rage, Quest Reward, and Guild Romance?

Epic, Quest Reward, Nerd Rage, Guild Romance (L-R)
 My only quibble with the set was that there was a lot of loose powder when I opened it--despite the fact that each container was sealed. Of course, the one that had powder all over the place was Quest Reward--arguably the darkest color. You can see it all over my fingers on the next picture, as well as the awesome seals (which took me a couple of minutes to figure out). It makes ordered make-up online more practical.

I took a couple pictures of the colors on my hands. The first is the colors in natural light.

Epic, Guild Romance, Nerd Rage, Quest Reward (L-R)
 The next is a picture of the colors on my hand in artificial light.

Epic, Guild Romance, Nerd Rage, Quest Reward (T-B)
 Aren't they beautiful? And the best part is, they last for a very long time! My previous problem with neutral colors (and, I'll admit it, cheap make-up) is that the colors have faded dramatically in just a couple of hours. The Espionage Cosmetics products, however, last most of the day (all of my day, actually, but I'm a late riser so I don't know if my lifestyle is comparable to yours). Even better, the colors have longevity but still clean up fairly easily. Sometimes I find myself scrubbing at my eyes, and it's nice to not have to do that with the Espionage Cosmetics products.

This is a picture of me. If you look close you can see how nice the Guild Romance color is. However, from here it just looks like my left eye is way bigger than my right eye. I need a better camera.
In fact, I was so happy with the Gamer-Girl collection that I ordered the Browncoats collection during the Cyber Monday sale. I haven't received it yet, but I'm looking forward to trying the colors Mrs. Reynolds, Reaver Red, Shiny and (my personal favorite) Sudden But Inevitable. I've also been eyeing the Gothic, Java, and FPS collections. Of course, I'm also lusting after the line The Collection of Ice and Fire collection that The Geeky Hostess featured, but I haven't been able to find it for sale. Maybe it's not available yet? All I really know is that this geek girl recommends Espionage Cosmetics and their color collections whole-heartedly. I'm extremely satisfied with the product, and I love being able to reply to complements on my make-up with a haughty "Yes, that color is called Nerd Rage."

This make-up pwns all others.

EDIT: Amanda Laing (the lovely lady in charge of graphic design at Espionage--go to the website to see her awesome work!) informed me that there is a way to get collections that you can't find on the website. If you e-mail orders@espionagecosmetics.com, the company will help you out!

*This review is a result of my own purchase, not an agreement with the company. My thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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  1. If you see a collection you want to order and you don't see a way of ordering it, just send a quick email to orders@espionagecosmetics.com and they will help you out =)

    Awesome review!