Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Etsy Tuesday: Decals

That beauty that you see here is HAL. Why HAL? Well, I already have GLaDOS (my tablet) and Skynet (my laptop). She's (yes, she) not quite complete yet--I have a new fan, video card, and power supply coming later this week--but she's all prettied up on the outside and ready to share. You probably recognize those vinyl decals from last week's Legend of Zelda Etsy Tuesday, and all I have to say is how happy they make me. Yes, yes, I know it's not important--functionality determines whether or not a computer is good. But in a few days HAL will be a god among computers, and will obviously be The Whole Package. Thanks to pretty Zelda art.

Thanks again to the Decal Ninja shop for making me so pleased with a purchase!

I've always toyed with putting decals on my laptop, but ultimately decided against it (what, with the fact that I use it mostly in a "professional" capacity. Professional is in quotes because I'm a grad student). Now that I have decals on my HAL, though, I'm really hankering for one for Skynet. So here are some decals I'd consider for my laptop. 

This Etsy Tuesday is a little hurried because I have 98,000 things to do in the next it-seems-like-forever-but-is-really-just-finals week. Instead of skimping on the goods, though, I'll mostly shut up and let you enjoy the awesome geekery.

1) Sold by My Geekery, found at this link

$5.00 USD

2) Sold by Perfectly Aligned*, found at this link

$5.00 USD

3) I also love Perfectly Aligned's Smaug decal.

$3.00 USD
*Perfectly Aligned has decals that fit on either side of the tracking pad, which is probably more useful for the girl who is trying to be discretely geeky at work!

4) Sold by ECK Designs, found at this link.

$6.50 USD

4) Sold by DisaDesigns, found at this link.

$5.00 USD

5) Also by DisaDesigns, this is ADORABLE.

$6.75 USD

Of course, all of these shops have plenty of different designs, so shop around! You know I love to. 

In other news, I've been playing Mass Effect on HAL and I'm pretty sure I'm legitimately addicted. I found myself playing last night without making the conscious decision to open the game and start it. And then I realized I'd been playing for an HOUR AND A HALF. This is all when I shouldn't have even turned on HAL, let alone started playing games. 


  1. Auto-gaming. You've finally reached Epic level!

    1. Thanks for putting it in a way that makes it seem like an achievement, Gab :)