Saturday, January 12, 2013

How I Waste My Time

I'm working on a research paper with four other co-authors (I know! WHYYY?), so for once I do not feel like the world's biggest procrastinator.

Which is amazing, because I'm an awesome procrastinator. Seriously. One of the best. If procrastinating was a sport, I'd have the world record and a gold medal. And probably some awesome sponsorship deals.

And, of course, my key tool in procrastination is the internet. I often start working on papers, and then find myself on the internet three hours later wondering how I got there. Here are the places I spend my time online:

On this list are four blogs that I check every day (or multiple times a day), and one blog that I check once a week (it's not updated frequently). I actually often find myself looking through the archives of these blogs, even though I'm pretty sure I've read the entire blog already. So, in nor particular order, here are five blogs that you should check out:

Epbot is run by the amazing Jen Yates, who is basically my idol. Jen posts some of the greatest things, and always has awesome crafts and DIYs. She also posts great geeky art, and a lot of the art (and jewelry) I've bought comes from artists and etsy stores she's featured. I find Epbot inspirational, hilarious, and I still look forward to each new blog (even after reading it since the beginning).

The Geeky Hostess
The Geeky Hostess is run by Tara, who features awesome things every day. These things include products, recipes, and awesome party ideas. The Geeky Hostess is the blog that introduced me to Espionage Cosmetics, among other things, and is one of my favorite things to read.

The Mary Sue
The Mary Sue is the only blog I've listed that is run by an editorial staff. The rest are run by one or two people. The Mary Sue is primarily a geeky news site, though it does have special features (such as the Power Grid lists). My favorite thing that they do is the "Things We Saw Today" post. At the end of each day, they make a post that gathers the best things they've seen online that day. It has a mix of news, memes, photos, and DIYs. It's pretty sweet.

Being Geek Chic
Being Geek Chic is run by Liz Giorgi, another Midwesterner. She just opened a shop on her blog, which has a ton of really cool things. I always like her "Geeky At Work" segments, which she runs every Wednesday--in fact, GaW has informed a lot of my fashion choices lately (though at a pathetic, grad student budget).

Pinstrosity is one of two blogs (the other being Epbot) that makes me laugh out loud. Pinstrosity shows failed pin replications, but goes a step further--Emilee and Marquette (the bloggers) then determine what the issues were that caused the pin to fail. They will also test pins, and show their own attempts at replicating pins for parties and other events.


Girls With Slingshots by Danielle Corsetto
Girls with Slingshots is a comedy (as are most of the comics listed here) that centers on two best friends. Over the years, the core cast of characters has expanded a bit. It (like Questionable Content and Something Positive below) are the comics that I'm the most emotionally invested in.

Hijinks Ensue by Joel Watson 
Hijinks Ensue is the most directly geeky comic listed here. Most comics have a direct (and hilarious) reference to something in the geek culture. I have a couple prints of these comics hanging in my office.

Piled Higher and Deeper  by Jorge Cham
PHD is a comic about grad school. Not only is it funny, it also keeps you from going insane (if you're a grad student).

Questionable Content by Jeph Jacques
Questionable Content chronicles the exploits of a group of hipsters. Who also have sentient robot friends. Click on it.

Romantically Apocalyptic
I really, honestly can't describe what's going on in this comic. All I know is that it's funny, though-provoking, and absolutely beautiful.

Something Positive by Randy Milholland
I love this because I have the same dark sense of humor. Everything cracks me up, in a way that sometimes makes me feel guilty.

You-Tube/Internet Shows

The Vlog Brothers
NERDFIGHTERS! (That is all).

My Drunk Kitchen
Hannah Hart gets drunk and cooks (and makes puns). I love it. I love Hannah. Also, she's planning to go on tour, and I desperately hope she comes to Chicago (the "kickstarter" is here).

The Guild
The Guild just finished its sixth season (the end of which looks like a series finale, but there's no confirmation of this. Wondering whether or not I need to freak out is the only thing keeping me from freaking out). The show follows Codex and her guild on the MMORPG "The Game" as they have wacky adventures in the real world. The Guild (and the next two shows) are part of Geek and Sundry.

Wil Wheaton hosts this show, where three other people join him to play a tabletop game. This show has done horrible things to my bank account (I bought five games in the past month because of it), but it's hilarious.

The Flog
Felicia Day hosts this talk show, and it's a lot of fun. My favorite is the Trio Mio segment, where Felicia highlights new things that viewers have sent her. She also has segments where she does cool things (most recently, she made a hat, hung out with a koala, and milked a goat).

Time-Wasters/Comedy Sites

I Waste So Much Time



That's the end of my list for now, but maybe I'll put some more things up later (if I think of them). Take it from me, though--if you want to waste some time, these sites should occupy you for most of the year.

Look! Two posts in one week! I'm doing very well. Remember to vote on the next Gamer Drama game here!

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