Thursday, January 31, 2013

I love the Internet. And I re-made crafts.

I've been participating in the THANKATHON with Hannah Hart (@harto). I love Hannah. I love My Drunk  Kitchen. I love grilled cheeses (even though I burned it and used nasty cheese). I sent a picture in for the world record count! You can also see my awesome Classic Game Room glass!

Hello, Harto! The glass says "Input Beer, Output Fun"
Since I'm not going to be lame and update just with a picture of some grilled cheese, here are some updated craft projects. Namely, I've altered the Silver Doe Patronus Plaque and the Hunger Games Bracelet. Yay! I think they look much nicer. I hope you do, too. I also have a picture of a NEW painting I did. I like it a lot. It's at the end. 

Here is the Silver Doe Patronus Plaque! I re-pained the silver outlines with a "whiter" silver, which made it stand out better. I also bought silver mug hooks at Wal-Mart, so I can hang my gaming headset on it. You can't really tell, but I shortened the hanging chain. 

Here's the updated Hunger Games Bracelet! I looped brown suede around the Mockingjay pendent, and I put silver foldover cord ends in order to attach it to the bracelet closure. Doesn't it look a lot nicer?

Finally, here is a look at my newest wall art! It's a quote from Q from the Star Trek: TNG episode "Q Who?" The background is a metallic silver, and I love the colors I used for the words. Maybe someday I will put up pictures of all the awesome stuff in my apartment. I love my apartment, there's a plethora of geekiness. Sometimes I feel more like a 17-year-old than an (almost) 25-year-old in my decorating.

That's all I can do tonight! I My Drunk Kitchened over the internet with the world, so too much blogging is not a good thing. <3

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