Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Etsy Tuesday: Bioshock

Hey everyone! I hope you're all doing well. I'm in the process of getting together a DIY, but I thought I would put an Etsy Tuesday together, as well. It's been a while since I've done this.

So many people are talking about Bioshock: Infinite (still) that it's making me ridiculously jealous. I really want to play the game but, being a graduate student, I'm too poor to buy it. (See this post for my hints for gaming on a budget). In order to quell this sadness, I decided to look at pretty Bioshock things on Etsy. I just can't actually buy any of it this time.

The best part about these Bioshock pieces is (naturally) that they are all steampunky! You know how I love steampunk, and you know how I love video games--it's perfect!

I was originally thinking that I would keep to Bioshock and Bioshock 2, but then I saw this little Songbird locket necklace. I love the minimalist Songbird portrait (I know, I know--I love minimalist anything). It's sold by Jen in the shop Captured My Soul. These lockets are currently buy three, get the fourth free.

$17.00 USD
Also really excellent are these plasmid rings. I really like the scrollwork of the rings themselves, plus I've always liked the art depicting the plasmids. These two plasmids pictured are some I relied heavily upon. They're sold at the Land of Rapture shop, by Keeley N.

$8.00 USD
Also exciting is this sheet of fifteen plasmid stickers! Yay! I would put these around my desktop monitor. They're sold at the So Sticky shop.

$5.00 USD

Speaking of minimalist things (as I was in the first entry), I love this print. It's sold in by Captain's Print Co. I love the colors, I love the simplicity, and I love the design! As usual, check out the shop for more awesome prints!

$18.00 USD
And, finally, isn't this Songbird plushie just adorable? I've seen some truly artistic versions of Songbird plushes on the internet these past few weeks, but this looks just as good AND looks a little more squishable than the others. I love his button eyes.

$75.00 USD
Whelp, that's it from me today! I'm waiting for the Vaginal Fantasy Book Club to start (you can tune in here), and then after that I am going to finish up my DIY (which I will post on Thursday). I'm also brainstorming for another blog post on video games--this time, the best video game weapons. Any suggestions? Leave them in the comments!

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