Thursday, August 22, 2013

August Loot Crate Unboxing!

I didn't film an unboxing video this month, due to the fact that I had guests when my Loot Crate came. I was too impatient to wait to film it, and I didn't want to film it in front of people--so, this month, we have unboxing pictures!

The theme for August was "Cake"--the box was a combination of Portal products and products celebrating Loot Crate's first anniversary!

Instead of a spoiler card, this month had a little Looter magazine with product descriptions and community news. It seems like this is going to be the trend from now on, which I like since I sometimes would accidentally spoil myself with the spoiler card.

This month's "big" product was a caffeine molecule power-up t-shirt. It's pretty cute, though it's not exactly my personal taste (I had the same issue with the Deadpool-Aid Man shirt a couple months ago). I'll probably alter it into something cool, though. Maybe a bag.

What was really exciting about the shirt, though, was that it came with $5 off a shirt from shirtwoot! I've been eyeing a couple designs on the site for a while, so I can't wait to use the discount!

The majority of the box was filled with Portal stuff. We have a cute Loot Crate/Portal sticker set, an Aperture Laboratories temporary tattoo, an Aperture lanyard, and an Aperture bracelet. All of which I thought were pretty cool, except maybe the temporary tattoo. I feel too old for those, especially since I have real tattoos.

They also included a Walking Dead Funko blind box, since the Walking Dead is the most often-requested theme for a box. I got the Tank Zombie, which is alright, but I would have loved the Merle figure (with his knife-hand), Daryl, or Bicycle Girl. He does look dapper, though.

That is everything in the box, except for a tiny package of jelly beans (which I didn't think was necessary to photograph. Also, they've been eaten.) This is my favorite box that I've received so far. I love all the Portal gear, the t-shirt coupon, and the blind box figure (I love anything Funko, to be honest).

Did you get a Loot Crate this month? What was your favorite thing in the box? If you're interested in signing up for Loot Crate, click this link! It's a great community, and a box of fun each month!

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