Thursday, August 8, 2013

What You Should Bring to a Con

Hey Everybody!

Tomorrow is the first day of Chicago Comic Con! Well, that's a lie. Today was actually the first day/preview night, but tomorrow is my first day! I finished up my cosplays for both Friday and Saturday, and then I started packing my bag!

Without further ado, here are the contents of the bag--and my tips for what you should bring to Comic Con!

Now, some people can get away with bringing nothing with them, or a small purse. However, if you're like me: a cosplayer who spends all day at the con, from opening to close, you need things and something to carry them around in. I tend to go with messenger bags. They take less away from your costume, are easier to take off, plus your little brother is more likely to share bag-duty with you if you pick a plain, black messenger bag.

So what goes in the bag? In no particular order:

1. Things to do in line

Bring some games, whether tabletop or video. I personally think a tablet is great, provided you make sure not to lose it. I can read e-books or play games while I wait for a panel.

2. Emergency Supplies

Cosplay coming undone? Run into John Barrowman in the hallway, but you don't have a writing utensil for a signature? Maybe you're getting a phaser signed by Wil Wheaton, JUST AS HIS SHARPIE RUNS OUT OF INK. Or you've found the perfect poster for Norman Reedus to sign, but it's dark and OH MY GOD HE ONLY HAS A BLACK SHARPIE. This is why I pack pre-cut thread, needles, pins, superglue, pens and Sharpies (black and silver). You're welcome.

4. Girlie Stuff

This can also be considered "Stuff for Cosplayers," You'll be at the con for hours at a time, so you want to make sure that your make-up stays fresh. Alternatively, if you change out of your costume, you want to be able to take off the makeup without climbing into the convention center's sinks. I typically pack make-up removal wipes, brushes, colors, powder, and bobby pins. Also important are an extra pair of contacts and your glasses, if you have them!

5. Rations

Convention food is expensive, and you'll sometimes need to choose between standing in line for food and standing in line for panels. ALWAYS CHOOSE PANELS. Bring some grub that you can snack on throughout the day, as well as beverages. (Yes, I know, I eat like an 18-year-old boy).

6. Water

You'll be hot. You'll get dehydrated. If you're like me last year, you'll get so over-heated that your hands and feet will swell up like balloons. Hydrate yourselves. Pack a cooler and keep it in your hotel room or car (at Chicago Comic Con, your car is pretty close) or bring a refillable water bottle.

7. Cash, Tickets, and ID

These are essential! You will not get into the con without some of these, and you need others to enjoy things.

8. Camera and Chargers

Take awesome pictures, and make sure your devices don't die on you. IMHO, this is also essential.

9. Change of clothes

If you cosplay, you may want to change so bring shorts and a t-shirt with you!

10. Poster and Print Protectors

Bring something to put prints into so they don't get creased, bent, or ruined. You'll be glad you did.

That's it for my list! Do you think there's anything I missed? If you're at Chicago Comic Con, be on the look-out for me! If you see a guy about 6'5", that's my little brother, and I'll be the girl in cosplay hanging out with him. :) Except on Sunday, when I'm wearing my Green Ranger dress and he's at home.

Keep a look out for updates and commentary on my Twitter and Instagram accounts (@Geekphoria1), and re-caps here each night!

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