Monday, August 12, 2013

Chicago Comic Con: Sunday Recap

I got to Chicago Comic Con early on Sunday--I was there only minutes after the doors opened for non-VIP ticket holders. I had the Jason David Frank meet and greet at 11am, but I went over to Wil Wheaton's booth to see when he was signing autographs for the day. I was hoping to get my Wesley Crusher bobble-head signed before the end of the Con, and I wasn't sure how good my chances were going to be. Luckily, Wil Wheaton was scheduled to sign at 10:30 and, though he was a little late, I got my bobblehead signed in plenty of time to head to the meet-and-greet. Meeting Wil Wheaton was great--he was so nice. We had a great talk about some of his recent posts, where he was really thoughtful and caring, and he was really excited to see the bobble head. He hadn't seen one out of the box before, so he took a bunch of pictures of it. Basically, Wil Wheaton is amazing. My experience meeting him was everything I could have hoped for out of those couple of minutes.

I guess I was completely spoiled with celebrity/guest interactions on Sunday, because the meet and greet with Jason David Frank was also excellent. He's the type of person that makes you glad to have idolized him as a child (same with Wil Wheaton). He's outgoing, friendly, and really appreciative of his fans. He took every question seriously, gave long responses, and said he'd sign anything and everything we brought--even though I'm pretty sure it only said he'd sign one thing when we bought the tickets. He told us a bunch of cool stories about his Power Ranger days, his martial arts career, and his life in general. We then took individual photos with him, and he told me that he liked my Green Ranger dress and wanted to get one for his wife. The meet and greet ended with a group photo, where I was lost somewhere in the back. But still! It was a great time! He was also a great person to follow on Twitter and Instagram during the con: he put up tons of pictures, videos, and updates on what he was doing and fans/other guests he was meeting. He was also constantly thanking the people who helped out in the con and his fans.

He signed Saba and the lithograph for me!
I spent the rest of the con spending money and taking cosplay pictures. I tried to go to the Phelps Twins panel, but it was in a small room so it was packed. I also picked up my Nightwing sketch from Jason Metcalf. I'm not going to post the picture, but I thought I'd let you know how amazing and great it is. I'm going to shift around my art collection and hang it right above my desk. I also commissioned a couple of sketch cards--one of Larfleeze and the other of Dex-Starr (I believe the artist was Gregg Paulsen, but I've misplaced the card). It was funny when I was requesting them. He asked me who they were, and I told him Larfleeze was the only Orange Lantern, and then he asked who the second one was, again. When I said Dex-Starr, he went to write it down and then paused, looked up, and asked me " that the cat?" I said yes, and he said "Great!" When I picked up the cards, he said he was really excited because he loved to draw cats.

I left about half an hour before the Con ended, but I had a great time this year. I loved my entire three days there, even though I didn't get into two panels I was interested in. I can't wait for next year, even though I think I have come down with the Con Plague. At least I have Chicago Tardis and C2E2 to hold me over until next year, though. I've already started planning cosplays in my head for all three cons!

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