Saturday, August 10, 2013

Chicago Comic Con: Friday Recap

Hey everyone!

I spent the entire day today at Chicago Comic Con--from opening to close! Okay, so that's 12pm to 7pm, but it's still most of my day (especially with the hour commute).

My day began with hair and make-up. My cosplay for the day was Zoe from Left 4 Dead--one of my favorite video games. I absolutely love Left 4 Dead--it's my go-to game when I just want to hang out with other gamers. I straightened some of my hair, and then did my make-up with products from my favorite geeky brand, Espionage Cosmetics. (The colors I used were Not Today, Guild Romance, Mrs. Reynolds, and Nerd Rage. Is there anything better than that?

Here's the end result of everything! You can see my paint job on the shotgun here, and I also made my First Aid kit from scratch.

Once I was done, my brother and I drove down to Chicago Comic Con. Parking was in a different spot from last year (which was momentarily confusing), but we found parking with only a little difficulty. Getting in to the con didn't take more than twenty minutes, though I was a little jealous of those who didn't order and print tickets online--the line to buy tickets at the Con was non-existent. With admission we got a really nice variant cover of The Walking Dead, which I plan to get signed by the artist.

I was planning to go to the Dead Fans Walking panel, but I was immediately distracted by the retail floor. And missed it. If you went, let me know how it was! I did attend part of the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Celebration, where I managed to surprise myself with how much I knew about Classic Who. I always forget that the first several doctors didn't have full "seasons" of television, like we do in the States, so I feel like I've missed a lot. Their number of episodes, though, are pretty small--not even close to the series lengths of the new Doctors. I was hoping Barrowman would show up for a moment, but if he did I missed it. 

I spent a good amount of time around the Sugar Gamers booth. I kept coming back to play Injustice, which they had set up through the PS3. I won all my matches, which is incredible as I haven't played it before and I tend to stay away from fighting games. I think I have to buy it, though--I had a blast. I'm looking forward to going to some of the Sugar Gamers events--they are a group founded in order to foster a community for girl gamers and geeks in Chicago. You should definitely click the link above and check them out. The video below is the group's mission statement, from its founder.

The Wil Wheaton panel was great. He's always great to listen to, and always manages to bring the perfect level of sincerity and humor. I was a little worried that we wouldn't get in, since Wizard World has stopped emptying rooms after panels (it looked like it was getting close to capacity for the Stan Lee panel, which I skipped because I'm more of a DC fan). There was more than enough room for everyone, even though there were tons of people at the panel.
What would a con be without grainy/blurry pictures of panels and the ultimate decision
just to take crappy projector pictures?
Before Wil Wheaton showed up, Five Year Mission played some songs. I really enjoy them--they're a band that writes and plays songs based on TOS episodes. You can check them out here. If you're at the Con and you want to check them out, they're playing again Saturday at 2:30 and Sunday at 10:30 on the Cosplay Stage.

Five Year Mission performing in front of Five Year Mission performing
in front of Five Year Mission!
Besides that, I spent tons of money today on a bunch of awesome stuff. Here's my haul--once again, I spent a lot of time in Artist Alley. Tomorrow's back to the Vendor's floor, though. I saw an excellent Captain Marvel dress that I need.

Everything I bought today.
My favorite piece, by the artist of the covers of the A Game of Thrones comics.
Obligatory short of the comics I bought today. 
Finally, I'll leave you with a collage of the cosplay photos I took today! More tomorrow!

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