Monday, July 9, 2012

AWOL and Movie News

I've been gone for a while. Between Master's Exams, graduating, moving, starting a summer job, and going to Las Vegas for my cousin's bridal shower, I've been extremely busy.

However, today there were two news points which prompted me to write: 1) a potential leak regarding Benedict Cumberbatch's role in the new Star Trek movie, and 2) casting for The Wolverine.

Star Trek 2

The internet is a buzz with the news that Karl Urban (Bones) may have leaked the identity of the Star Trek villain in J.J. Abrams's new Star Trek movie, saying that "[Cumberbatch's] Gary Mitchell is going to be exemplary." For those who are not familiar with the original Trek series, Mitchell is a former Academy friend of Kirk who gains god-like powers which kind of go to his head, forcing Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise to maroon him and, ultimately, take more effective actions to stop his path of destruction.

What makes this interesting is that Robert Orci had said Mitchell wouldn't be appearing in the new movie. Of course, he had said the same about characters in Michael Bay's second Transformer's movie. So who's right--Urban or Orci? Is Urban stringing us along? I think it's possible, since I doubt someone as successful as he would forget his contract stipulations and leak something his bosses obviously want to be kept secret.

Still, I think that Cumberbatch would make a much better Mitchell than Khan, so I hope this is good information.

The Wolverine

Hollywood has done something strange here, which I think should be briefly commented on--they've actually cast Japanese actors for The Wolverine. Hollywood too often whitewashes it major features (see The Last Airbender, for an excellent example). Even if it doesn't whitewash, it will cast Asian characters indiscriminately. I'm happy to see the studio trying to do things right, and honoring the source material.

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