Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Etsy Tuesday: Steampunk

Today's Etsy Tuesday is a look into incredible steampunk jewelry. It was inspired by the first necklace in this list:

$28.00 USD

This is a pendant by one of my favorite steampunk jewelry-makers on Etsy--Friston Ho'okano, who runs the shop DesignsByFriston. I love the jewel eyes, and the watch parts on the stomach. Overall, it's a beautiful piece.

$59.99 USD

The store DesignsBloom, run by Byrdldy, has jewelry which is a fabulous mixture of insect and steampunk--something I didn't realize I enjoyed until I saw its first pieces. This is my favorite, though there are pendants based on butterflies, snails, and other creepy-crawlies which really shouldn't be this pretty.

$55.00 USD
Speaking of things that shouldn't be this pretty (or adorable), I love this little crab necklace made by CosmicFirely, who runs a shop of the same name. One of the reasons I like it so much is that it's in silver--a metal I prefer to gold and brass, which characterizes steampunk. I think the silver makes it look more all-purpose, while still keeping it steampunky.

$38.00 USD

While some people may not think that hot air balloons are steampunk, I do--and certainly when crafted like the pendent above, and placed in that setting. I also love the green and purple balloon in contrast to the brass metal. Very pretty, and sold in the store TrashAndTrinkets run by Gypsy Trading Company.

$35.00 USD

The final piece on this list is a pendant made of watch parts. My favotire part of it is how tiny and detailed it is--the whole pendant is about as tall as a quarter. It's a beautiful little piece, and appropriate for all situations. It's made by Daria, who runs the shop Cultural Diversion.

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