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My computer has been refusing to connect to the internet for a while now. I just finally convinced it to connect when I hook it to an ethernet cord, so I was able to come here and update my blog (which I have been wanting to do for a few days now). In the time since I last updated, I saw The Dark Knight Rises as part of AMC's Trilogy experience (I will write up a review once I see it a second time), made significant progress on my first DIY tutorial, cleaned the house for some guests that are coming this weekend, and planned my combined graduation party with my brother (which is on Saturday). Along with working almost-full time this week, I have been busy.

Being busy usually leads to me being stressed. Combining this with some of the horrors that have been in the news lately--plus the death of a good friend's father--I've been driven towards escapism. Here is a list of my favorite escapist movies and tv shows. I also polled some of my friends for more ideas (unfortunately, they were pretty much the same shows I already had listed). What are your favorite things to watch when you just want to take a break from the real world?

4) Firefly/Serenity
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The only thing that makes this a poor escapist TV show is that there are not nearly enough episodes. When I want to "escape" with Buffy, I can be "gone" for weeks. With Firefly, it's a just a few days--even if you throw in Serenity. The longevity of the show's passionate cult following is testament enough to how immersible the world universe Joss Whedon created. The characters are equally hilarious and heartwarming (despite being on the wrong side of the law), and what's not to love about a space western?

3) Doctor Who: The David Tennant Years
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David Tennant is widely held to be one of the greatest Doctors, usually only contending with Tom Baker for the top spot. While Doctor Who presents an excellent look at the universe through the adventures of everyone's favorite Time Lord, the fact that the show is as old as my parents shows how well it is able to suck in its audience. I could happily watch Doctor Who forever--it's more like the real world gets in the way of me watching Doctor Who than it is that Doctor Who takes me away from the real sad as that may sound (but I'm okay with it.)

2) Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Seasons 1-3
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Buffy is something that I have always loved, and always turn to. Joss Whedon's creation takes itself seriously, while still having fun with itself--this is especially true in the first three seasons. Except for the Angel  storyline in Season 2, the problems are serious enough to draw you in and thrill you but manage not to be depressing.

1) The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

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LotR has always been an escape for me, since I first read the books at the age of ten. A good thing about reading the books at that age was that I learned more and more with each re-reading. The reason I chose the first Lord of the Rings movie as my escapist movie of choice is that this movie, more than the others, is able to draw you in to a new world. As the first movie, it introduces you to Middle-earth in a way that transports the watcher into this other world. The other movies do not do this, as they are sequels--to appreciate them, you have to let The Fellowship of the Ring bring you into Middle-earth.

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