Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween T-Shirt DIY: Lacy Straps

It's officially Halloween! It's 1am here in Chicago and I just remembered that I wanted to do a T-shirt alteration for Halloween. So I quickly grabbed my awesome Loot Crate t-shirt (Ewoking just slays me) and executed my awesome plan of awesomeness (I may be so sleepy that I'm a little loopy).

I love this shirt that we got in our October Loot Crate but, if you've been following me at all, you know that I hate wearing shirts with traditional sleeves. I guess my shoulders are claustrophobic (actually, that's a lie. It's totally my armpits that freak out. But I'm a lady and ladies don't say armpits). That's why I end up altering all my tops. The alteration I do here is actually really easy. It took me less than 10 minutes to do this, from setting up my sewing machine to taking the final picture where I look really, really bad.

In case you weren't familiar with the T-Shirt that came in this month's Loot Crate, here's a quick reference pic. Undead Ewoks are just adorable.

I began by cutting out the collar. I did this right along the seam where the collar meets the shirt. Here's a quick look:

From there I took a little more fabric away from the front neckline so there was a nice scoop. 

Next I straight up the top fold of the sleeves and across the should seams. This completely separated the top of my shirt. This allowed me to go in and put the new straps on, and let the sleeves hang free and look all special and flow-y. Here, you can see that the front top if cut off and you can just see the inside seams of the shirt.

Then I cut two rectangles of lace and made sure that the edges were hemmed so they would hold. I hemmed it so that it fit the top edges of the shoulder exactly. 

Voila! Look at how nicely that matches up. Of course, t-shirt fabric stretches and lace doesn't, so it warped a little when I sewed it together, but it's not even noticeable. 

I sewed each lace strap to the front of the shirt. This was so that I could flip it over and the seam would be on the inside. Once I sewed the front seams, I turned the whole shirt inside out and sewed the lace to the back edge. I did this so that I could make sure that both seams were fully visible to me, which meant that it was sewn together correctly. Of course, this didn't stop me from accidentally sewing the opposite shoulders together. Oi. 

And you're done already! Since I look really, really bad in the picture where I'm modelling the shirt, you don't get to see it. Just look at it hanging on my door and know that it looks extremely cute on.

Edit: I managed to get a somewhat decent picture of the shirt on this morning, so here you go!

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