Saturday, October 19, 2013

Top Five: Scariest Movie Monsters

Welcome to the second of my Halloween posts! Here I tell you the tale of my top five scariest movie monsters. These are all creepers who left a lasting impression, whether it was because I was a kid when I saw them or because they are just that creepy. So gather up your courage and read through this Top Five list--and, as usual, be sure to leave your own choices in the comments!

1. Pale Man from Pan's Labyrinth

The Pale Man is the creature Ofelia faces in the first of her fantastical tasks, and it's also likely the most iconic creature from Pan's Labyrinth. Why is the Pale Man so creepy? His appearance is an obvious possible answer--his skin hangs from his body in folds, and his face is featureless but for a mouth--which he uses to bite of fairy heads. When Ofelia first sees him, the monster is sitting at a feast, completely frozen. He would have stayed frozen, too, except that Ofelia breaks the rules and eats some grapes from the table. the Pale Man begins to twitch, then lifts his hands to his face--and the viewer sees that his eyes are in his palms, and he can now see and stalk Ofelia. As he closes in on the girl--unbeknownst to Ofelia--it's impossible to not see how sinister this monster is.

2. Brain Bug from Starship Troopers

I first saw Starship Troopers when I was a kid. Waaaay too young to be watching Starship Troopers. At one point, I was so scared that I cried (which is saying a lot, I might add). That point was when two humans were brought to the Queen, who happened to be a brain bug. I don't remember why, and my recollection as to whether it was the Queen may be wrong, but what I do remember is this: a tendril blooms out of the brain bug's face, latches onto a man's cranium, and sucks his brain out as he screams. Then he falls to the ground, exposing his empty skull, while his companion keeps screaming. My memories are hazy, but that's because this monster scared me so much as a kid that I refuse to ever watch the movie again.

3. Brundlefly from The Fly

Oh, Jeff Goldblum. I remember being a young girl, enamored with you after watching Jurassic Park. And then you led me me so far astray when I heard you were in The Fly and decided to watch it. While I put Brundlefly in the title, it would be more accurate to say that this applies to most of the character's metamorphosis. At first, things seem to be going alright for Dr. Brundle, despite the fact that he's altered his DNA. The viewer start to see that things might be going wrong when he crushes/rips (crips? explodes? How would you describe this?) another man's hand off. Then he starts vomiting all over the place as his skin turns oozy and body parts start to fall off. Brundlefly is at his most terrifying, though, in the climactic fight scene. He's up against his ladylove's new beau, and attacks him by vomiting acid on his body parts. The acid, of course, almost instantly dissolves the poor man's limbs. There's vomit, there's gore, and there's one movie monster you don't want to run into. Ever.

4. Gage from Pet Sematary

I shouldn't have been allowed to watch this, either (thanks, Grandma, for this and most of the other movies that made this list). When Louis Creed's young son is killed after being hit by a truck, Louis goes a little crazy and decides to bring him back to life. Of course, he doesn't keep an eye on his reanimated offspring, who makes his way to the house across the street and kills both his neighbor and his own mother. Most memorably, Gage slices Judd Crandall's Achilles, causing the man to fall over, and the bites out his throat. This is why I don't like children (okay, maybe not entirely).

5. Xenomorphs from Alien

Sure, the grown Xenomorphs are some serious baddies. They're dangerous, suitably creepy-looking, and all too happy to make you dead. But I want to draw your attention to the somewhat less appreciated Chestburster xenomorph. These are the things that made me decide all these Alien aliens needed to be wiped out, and needed to be wiped out now. Picture it like this. You're walking down the hallway of your spaceship, and you get attacked by a Facehugger. It implants a Xenomorph embryo into you, and then all you can do is sit and wait until the thing matures and rips its way out of your body. It's the ultimate in disgusting parasites, and one of the worst creatures on this list because it attacks you from inside. 

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