Friday, October 11, 2013

What Should I Wear To Chicago TARDIS?

The weekend after Thanksgiving is going to be super exciting for me, because I am going to the Chicago TARDIS convention! I'm especially excited because this is going to be my first Con that's based on a single franchise. I'm really interested in how they work--and I can't wait to see one of my favorite Doctors (Peter Davison) and a coupe of my favorite companions (Freema Agyeman/Martha Jones and Louise Jameson/Leela).

I have a cosplay I may use, but right now I'm trying to figure out what to wear! I also want to interview some cosplayers and dealers at the Con, though, so I want to dress in normal clothes for at least part of the day. So here are some awesome Doctor Who pieces that I have been checking out--and I'm looking to you for some input!

1. Something Blue Babydoll from Think Geek/Her Universe

2. Weeping Angel Babydoll from Her Universe


3. Tardis Blueprints Tank from Geeky U


4. VanGogh Exploding Tardis Skirt from Her Universe

5. Tardis Costume Dress from Hot Topic and Her Universe


6. Doctor Who Tagline T-Shirt from Hot Topic


7. Doctor Who TARDIS Tank Top from Hot Topic


8. Doctor Who/Police Box Skirt by ComplementsbyJo


9. Rory Hears a Who and Hatches the Cube T-Shirt by Joel Watson of Hijinks Ensue


10. Fighting Time Lords by Joel Watson of Hijinks Ensue

Or is there something else you think would be awesome? Let me know in the comments! And check back next week where I will explore Doctor Who accessories! If you're interested in any of these clothes, follow the links and you can purchase them yourself (just don't buy the last one, or I'll have to be mad).


  1. I'd go with the Fighting Timelords one.

  2. The Van Gogh Tardis Skirt is awesome. I have never ever watched Doctor Who, but I am a fan of Van Gogh, so I guess I'm biased lol.