Monday, January 23, 2012

Procrastination = Pretty Sci-Fi Jewelry

It's only a day later and I'm procrastinating again, this time by looking at pretty sci-fi geekery jewelry on etsy. I was a little disappointed by my A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones findings, but this search is proving to be much more rewarding.

First, Annie Nygard of the shop SpiffingJewelry has made several Firefly quote necklaces. This one is my personal favorite, but there are a few to choose from. Of course, if you get this you probably couldn't wear it to class.
I also love her Han/Leia jewelry and I am getting this snitch necklace for my boyfriend's sister, who is graduating college this spring. Or maybe for her birthday, if it's before graduation (I forget when it is. Oops.)

In honor of the upcoming release of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace in 3-D (not that this is really something we should be honoring), here are some pit droid earrings, which I found absolutely adorable. They are made by Sue Clark and available in her OutFromMyAttic store.

However, I would have to buy this AT-AT necklace, which would go excellently with my recently altered AT-AT tank (I'll have to put a picture of it up once I get it just right). I'm a sucker for an AT-AT, and I'm not sure why. Maybe they remind me of giant, mechanical puppies? I don't know. Anyway, this cute necklace is made by cassasstrophe and for sale at her shop of the same name.

I was always a little bit more of a Trek girl than a Wars girl, though, so here's something I actually squealed over when I found it: a bat'leth necklace. Apparently, the artist, Lindsey Woodward, and her boyfriend are regular con venders--here's hoping I see them sometimes. Their store is TwoTree and their business is Two Tree Illustrations. I'd suggest checking them out--their account suggests that the Vegas Star Trek Convetion would be a good place to start! The store looks amazing, and I want this. so. bad.
Also, they have Borg cube earrings. Squeal again.

Like most other living, breathing individuals, one of my favorite sci-fi video games is Portal. And, since it is so popular, that means that etsy is full of AMAZING pieces. The turrets are some of my favorite...characters... in Portal (mostly because they're polite enough not to hold a grudge when I KO them), and these earrings are excellent.
They're made by knil and for sale in the shop, also called knil. The whole shop is definitely worth a look--it's full of Zelda, Skyrim and Kingdom Hearts merchandise.

Also, while it's technically horror, Resident Evil has a definite sci-fi element to it (I mean, the whole premise is based on the horrors of biochemical engineering). YellerCrakka has come up with the perfect way to show a friend how you feel with these T-Virus and anti-virus friendship necklaces. Of course, if you really cared you'd probably have to give them the anti-virus. You could probably just say you really like blue and keep it for yourself, though, just in case. Once again, the entire shop is worth browsing. It's full of wondrous geekiness, plus some steampunk goodies.
I should probably start doing some of my school work (and work work) now, so have fun browsing!

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