Saturday, January 14, 2012

Space-saving AND Timey-Wimey

     When I move out of my apartment at grad school and (probably) back into my parents' house after I graduate, I will be giving some of my furniture to my sister (who is moving into a house for her senior year in college). Since I will be losing some of my stuff--and will need to redecorate my room at home--I was looking for some cool furniture that reflects both my need for space and my personality.
     Speaking of space, I found it. And I use space in two different ways.
     This was posted back in December on and was created by user msmuse1 and msmuse1's dad. I wonder how much it would cost to commission one and get it sent from across the pond. I think it's absolutely brilliant, and that my Gollum statue (from the Extended Edition of The Two Towers) would look just as much at home in there as msmuse1's.

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